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Cannabis legalization 2024 News – Are we going to be able to buy legal cannabis soon?

  • 29 February 2024
  • Feb 2024
  • by

So, is marijuana coming now?

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What's going on at the moment?

Germany is making great progress in cannabis policy. Will there soon be joints at the Oktoberfest and will people be smoking weed out of bongs instead of drinking beer? Who knows…
The legalization of cannabis for recreational use is getting closer, after the Bundestag passed the Cannabis Act. The federal government is determined to implement their plans for legalizing cannabis for recreational use.
After a heated debate, the Bundestag passed the Cannabis Act, also known as CanG. On 23.02.2024, 404 members voted yes, 226 voted no, there were 4 abstentions, and 102 members did not vote. The first major hurdle has been overcome.

So, what's the next step in the cannabis legalization process?

The next step is for the law to be officially approved by the Bundesrat. This means that the states can no longer stop or prevent the law. However, they can delay the implementation process by calling for the mediation committee. This could mean that the law may not come into effect as planned on 01.04.2024. An example of this is North Rhine-Westphalia, which explicitly advocates for a postponement of the deadline. They argue that the retroactive amnesty rule is very time- and resource-intensive and would overload the judiciary.

Politiker debattieren zum Thema Cannabis Legalisierung

How is the legalization and cultivation of cannabis regulated?

A key component of the new cannabis law is the introduction of cultivation associations, known as cannabis clubs. In these clubs, members can grow their own plants and purchase them at cost after harvesting and drying. To comply with regulations, these clubs are under strict government supervision and must provide lab-tested cannabis flowers to prevent abuse and the sale of products not grown by themselves.

Another significant point is decriminalization. Every adult citizen is allowed to carry up to 25 grams of marijuana or hashish in public without penalty. At home, each person can have up to 50 grams. Different amounts apply to young adults aged 18 to 21. They are only allowed to purchase or possess 30 grams per month, with a reduced THC content. Additionally, every adult can grow up to 3 plants for personal use in their own home, garden, or balcony. There are also many regulations regarding the protection of children, good neighborly relationships, and handling possible exceedances of maximum quantities.

A significant aspect of partial legalization is the protection of children and adolescents, as well as the promotion of prevention through educational campaigns.

Through the new Medical Cannabis Act (MedCanG), the prescription requirement for cannabis as a medicine is regulated. In the future, no special narcotic prescription will be required, as cannabis will be removed from the Narcotics Act (BtmG). This fact will further advance the acceptance of cannabis therapy among doctors and patients. Hopefully, this will also improve the assessment and approval rate of cost coverage requests by health insurance companies.

Concrete regulations regarding cannabis consumption and driving are currently being developed. These must be complied with by all.

Cannabis Blüten chillen im Bundesrat

The federal government is banking on the legalization of cannabis to weaken the illegal market, enhance the quality and safety of consumed products, and relieve the resources of the police and judiciary by reducing the need for pursuing cannabis-related offenses.

We at at, we hope for further adjustments and legislative changes regarding industrial hemp, as suggested by the industry association of the cannabis sector:

  1. It would be desirable for EU-certified industrial hemp, as the entire plant, to be removed from the Narcotics Act (BtMG). This would provide a clear permission for the sale of industrial hemp and its derived products, with corresponding adjustments to relevant regulations.
  2. To ensure legal certainty in dealing with industrial hemp with very low THC content (no more than 0.3%), the criminalization of the alleged abuse potential of industrial hemp (“intoxication clause”) should be eliminated from the law.
  3. Naturally processed plant components of industrial hemp, including all naturally occurring cannabinoids, should not be subject to the Novel Food Regulation, as they have been used as food for many years.

Are they planning to sell cannabis in shops?

The further legalization of cannabis means it can be sold in specialized stores. These stores will be set up as regional pilot projects and evaluated scientifically after five years. This step will likely be discussed and clarified after the summer break. The draft law already mentioned the conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to open such a store, like having a license, demonstrating expertise, and having a clean criminal record. Online sales and communal consumption in cafes or coffee shops, like the ones in the Netherlands, are specifically not allowed and will only be considered later during the investigation of the pilot project.

What other changes can we expect for cannabis and its legalization?

We still have a lot of discussions and regulations to go through in order to enable the sale and cultivation of cannabis in the EU. The European elections could play a crucial role in this. The sale, cultivation, and cross-border trade of cannabis are currently prohibited in the EU. With the European elections taking place this year, the election results could have an impact on cannabis legislation in EU member states.
Now we need to patiently wait and see how the first phase of legalization unfolds and how we can swiftly implement the second pillar. Our goal is for cannabis products to become freely available for sale and for purchasing them to become as normal as buying alcohol or cigarettes.

When will the legalization of cannabis take effect?

It seems that we are going to take the real first step on 01.04. But predicting the future is always tricky, especially when it’s a hot topic for some conservatives who naturally resist any change. Many are definitely not happy about the change. The alcohol lobby has long positioned itself and is ready for the changes. In the background, money has been invested to ensure that we don’t miss out on the fun of the “entertainment rival.” Of course, we’ll keep you updated!
High5 and Happy 420!

Stay tuned for more updates...


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