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1D-LSD legal als Blotter 150mcg 10mcg 225mcg LSD Derivat Tabs

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1D-LSD legal als Blotter 150mcg 10mcg 225mcg LSD Derivat Tabs

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1D-LSD legal als Blotter 150mcg 10mcg 225mcg LSD Derivat Tabs

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Buy Kratom, CBD or the new 1D LSD analoge as Blotter-Tab, Microdosing or Macrodosing pellets with Paypal Xoom, Visa/Mastercard, Cash on Delivery or Bitcoin from Germany. Same day shipping until 2 pm. Many of our customers are happy about our fast delivery time.

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HHC Gummibärchen Zitrone Euphoria

Euphoria HHC Fruit Gummies 250 mg

HHC Aroma Gummies

Original price was: 24,90 €.Current price is: 17,90 €.

Amnesia HHC-PO Premium Vape Eighty8

Eighty8 HHC-PO Vape Pen Premium 10 %, 2 ml

HHC-PO Vapes

Original price was: 49,90 €.Current price is: 41,90 €.


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Super zuverlässig, super easy!

4 days ago
Verified OwnerVerified Owner

So klein, doch sooo fein.....

3 weeks ago
Verified OwnerVerified Owner

Super, was so ein Stückchen Papier anstellen kann...

3 weeks ago
Verified OwnerVerified Owner

Smooth and beautiful! Best derivate since Valerie.

4 weeks ago
Verified OwnerVerified Owner

Ausgezeichnetes Produkt und sehr guter Service. Sehr empfehlenswert

4 weeks ago
Chiona Theobald
Chiona Theobald
Übertrifft von reinheit und wirkungsgrad und der allgemeinen Wirkung zum Teil deutlich d...
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1 month ago


In vivo ingestion is not allowed. We do not advocate illegal activities of any kind.

Harm of LSD Comparison to other substances - 1DLSD - ACIDO.shop

Why LSD?

#LSD fights addiction

Ancient Aztec tribes have used the medicinal plants of the hallucinogen groups for centuries. LSD was introduced as a commercial drug in 1947 under the trade name Delysid for various psychiatric purposes before it was criminalized.

The therapeutic benefits at that time were very manifold and had an extraordinary success rate for the patients by the same time the research had to be discontinued in the end of the 60s. A good overview of the history can be found in the book by Dr. Fadiman “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide”

Research is convinced of medical benefits

Worldwide studies of independent institutes and universities show amazing results in different fields of medicine.
Clinical Applications of Hallucinogens: A Review

Tree of Life from Acido.shop - The shop for 1D-LSD, Kratom, CBD, HHC and more

About us

In keeping with our guiding principle, “Be here now and your true self“, we want to take decisive steps together to develop sustainable education for the future of Entheogens and their treatment options. We do our best since the beginning of 2021 to deliver high quality products and make the experience as natural as it gets.

Here at Acido.shop, we treasure people and their unique vibes. We’re all about being open, respectful, and looking out for one another. Armed with a solid research background and an attitude that’s fresher than a minty mojito, we’re here to flip the script, lend a helping hand, and bring out the shining stars within each and every one of you. Let’s unleash your inner awesomeness together!

In the words of Eckhart Tolle: „Helping humanes on being conscious can‘t be a bad thing.“

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