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1D-LSD ban in 2024 – Will it remain legal?

  • 25 May 2023
  • Jun 2024
  • by

Is Germany banning 1D-LSD - 1T-LSD now?

Many are wondering after the quick ban of 1V-LSD, the successor to 1cp-LSD, how long 1D-LSD will stay with us, especially after the rapid ban of 1V LSD, the successor of 1cp LSD. 1V LSD disappeared from the shops the quickest among all legal derivatives, banned in less than 13 months. Back then, 1P LSD remained unregulated for 4 years without any negative incidents.

Typically, the expert committee meets at the beginning of the year. Publications regarding the recommendation and regulation of substances that do not conform to general comfort are usually released in February or March. When reading these publications, one becomes quite puzzled. It’s not uncommon to find archaic, almost religious arguments from the late 1950s in these papers.

However, this year, despite the loud press and uproar regarding the cosmetic glitch in the recent amendment of the New Psychoactive Substances Act, these recommendations were absent. By the way, the glitch was fixed in mid-March.

From an insider source, we have at least heard that the regulation of 1D LSD is unlikely to take place before the end of the summer. These are, as always, tentative assessments based on the aforementioned circumstances and the experiences of previous years.

Bundesrat triff sich um über 1D LSD und 1T LSD zu entscheiden - 2023

As in recent years, it remains completely uncertain whether there will be a successor. However, this year, the outlook for 1D LSD appears considerably more grim. Given the extensive promotional efforts in TV shows and the press only amplifies the call for authorities to take decisive action and put an end to the entire situation.

While we support the promotion of discussion and the need for a paradigm shift in this matter, most press interviews tend to focus solely on how someone cleverly outwits the bureaucratic machinery.
Unfortunately, in very few articles, there is discussion about the research, the substance itself, and its potential in various therapeutic szenarios. There continues to be a lack of well-researched information in those articles and thus also a lack of well-founded educational work.

It would be pleasing for all of us to see 1D to not disappear that quick, as the essence of the community is based on “friends of life, of Unity, and a healthy fellowship with the environment.” We can all benefit from this positive dynamic.

We will keep you updated on 1D LSD and its future through this blog and newsletter, just like we have done in previous years.

As soon as there are news, we will post the latest updates here. Grab the RSS feed or subscribe to the newsletter for daily updates.

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# UPDATE 05.02.2024

What we know so far

According to rumors and statements, the beginning of February 2024 is expected to bring regulation of the 1D-LSD derivative, misleadingly referred to by some competitors as 1T-LSD. The agenda for the Federal Council meeting on February 2 was announced on January 16, but as of today, no specific agenda item regarding this substance group has been published. Fortunately, there is no mention of the NpSG, indicating that 1D-LSD will remain legal at least until the next assembly on March 22. The Federal Council typically releases the agenda about two weeks before the meeting, so we can already see the provisional agenda items for the upcoming session on March 9. You can keep an eye on this yourself.

The current schedule for a potential ban is as follows:

  • Discussion and recommendation by the BfArM took place on December 4, 2023.
  • The drafting of the law is currently in progress.
  • Review and implementation by the Federal Council are imminent (earliest on March 22).
  • The law usually takes effect 1-2 weeks after implementation by the Federal Council.

On December 4, 2023, the Expert Committee on Narcotics convened to address various matters. Of particular interest were discussions about issues related to the product HHC, which is expected to be included in the New Psychoactive Substances Act (NpSG) in the near future. Substances from the group of tryptamines were also discussed, including psilocybin, DMT (dimethyltryptamine), 5-MeO-DMT (5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine), bufotenin, and AMT (alpha-methyltryptamine).

Lysergamides, to which the 1D-LSD or 1T-LSD derivative would theoretically belong in its basic structure, do not strictly fall into the group of tryptamines and were not explicitly mentioned in the committee. However, this does not necessarily mean that the announcement was extremely precise, and the derivatives were not discussed. Even if they were not terminologically categorized correctly, the known lysergamide derivatives could also fall under the umbrella term “tryptamines.”

It remains to be seen whether the committee’s press department is less accurate in this context and incorrectly lumps the derivatives with the group of tryptamines. Therefore, the question of how 1D-LSD will be addressed remains open.

There is a possibility that the ban may be delayed as the BfArM has to handle additional complex laws, including the legalization of cannabis. Hopefully, this will take until summer, but an exact prediction is not possible. We will inform you in a timely manner so that you have enough time to place a final order before the ban takes effect. There should be ample time for your orders, so panic purchases should not be necessary.

When will 1D-LSD be banned?

There is a possibility that we will experience a ban in March. Those who still remember the cosmetic spelling errors related to the ban of 1V-LSD will know that the correction of the NpSG took place in March 2023.

However, many, including us, anticipate that regulation will likely occur in the summer, as the BfArM has currently identified complex laws that still need to be processed, including the legalization of cannabis.

But an exact prediction is, as always, challenging. Of course, we will notify you in a timely manner, allowing enough time to place a final order before the ban comes into effect. There should be sufficient time for orders, eliminating the need for rushed purchases.

Is there a successor to 1D-LSD?

Given the constantly tightening regulations, it is becoming increasingly challenging for the manufacturer to find alternative legal derivatives. This stems from the limited number of structurally stable LSD derivatives that can be produced on a large scale. With each revision of the NpSG, the legal framework expands, while the options for potential alternatives diminish. This time, it is even more likely that there will soon be no LSD derivatives left that do not fall within the scope of the law.

Previous rule changes allowed for the utilization of modifications, even though these tricky conditions led to complex circumstances, resulting in 1D-LSD being tested as 1T-LSD and vice versa. Over time, the committee has improved its ability to close these loopholes. Our sources indicate that the impending ban will be more comprehensive, likely encompassing 1D-LSD/1T-LSD and other derivatives. There might even be a general ban covering all LSD analogs. As always, these are speculations, and no one can predict the exact outcome.

We hope for an innovative successor, as in previous years. However, based on the information we’ve received from our sources, this seems highly unlikely. As usual, we will notify you immediately if there is news about a new derivative, but until the exact law is known, we cannot confidently say whether an alternative is possible.

Until then, we will continue to ship orders as usual. Once a date and details of a potential ban are confirmed, we will keep you updated through newsletters.

# UPDATE 05.03.2024

It’s been quite an eventful start to the year. There’s a possibility of a historic partial legalization of cannabis here in Germany. Unfortunately, this development has a flip side, as the Narcotic Act-related NpSG (New Psychoactive Substances Act) is likely to impose a ban on 1D derivatives and HHC products starting from March 22. While it’s not certain yet, it is plausible that both issues will be addressed in one session.

Starting from March 8, the provisional agenda items can be viewed online, usually two weeks before the actual meeting. As in previous years, we will suspend cash-on-delivery payments for the affected products. The reason is the sometimes lengthy delivery time of cash-on-delivery shipments and the resulting delayed contract conclusion.

The prospect of a successor for 1D this year is even more unlikely. On the one hand, the regulatory draft has already been tightened, and on the other hand, we see an emerging regulation in the neighboring Netherlands, where the manufacturer is based, for almost all research chemicals present in the Netherlands this summer.

So far, LSD derivatives are not included in the draft in the Netherlands. Given the unprecedented scale of the ban in the Netherlands, it is expected that even there, the derivatives of lysergamides, where even 1p-LSD is still legally available, will come to an end. The production of 1D-AL-LAD has already been discontinued, signaling a clear indication.

As always, once the direction is publicly announced, we will have certainty. If you plan to stock up, don’t wait too long. We already have limited stocks and will not replenish them further. We will keep you updated as soon as we have news on the agenda items.

# UPDATE 08.03.2024

As announced in the newsletter from March 5th of this week, the agenda items for the upcoming Federal Council meeting on March 22nd have been published today. For us and probably most who are closely following this topic, the agenda item of the NpSG (New Psychoactive Substances Act), which decides on the 1D-LSD derivative and the HHC product, is not listed. This is certainly surprising, but it just means that we need to monitor daily changes in the next two weeks. It is not uncommon for agenda items to be added later. So, it remains uncertain.

# UPDATE 29.05.2024

What is currently happening?

The time has come. Today, the first agenda items for the upcoming meeting on June 14th have already been announced. Since the New Psychoactive Substances Act (NpSG) is listed as an agenda item, it is therefore quite certain that 1D-LSD/1T-LSD, as well as HHC, will be banned by the end of June 2024. Why quite certain? We have seen a discussion on this topic in the Bundesrat in the past. The NpSG has been passed unanimously without discussion or explanation over the past 5 years.

What will be banned?

The 1D-LSD / 1T-LSD analoge. As well as all compounds of HHC, including HHC-P and HHC-PO. Also THCp, THCv, and THCb. You can view the current draft in detail here.

When will it be banned?

As in previous years, the actual law will be published after the decision on June 14th. This can happen on any day after June 14th. The past has shown publication within two weeks after the Bundesrat session. It comes into effect after publication in the Bundesanzeiger. We will provide updates on this, as we have done in previous years, in a timely manner.

Will there be a successor to 1D-LSD?

This cannot be definitively answered at the moment, as several connections are possible. The manufacturer has had time to review the draft and develop ideas since the first version was released in December 2023. The revised draft from May does not seem to contain any fundamental changes to the structure definition. Therefore, the December draft remains the basis of possibilities.

Understandably, the manufacturer will not comment until the law is published. However, we will certainly find out when the law is released at the end of June.

What does this mean for my order?

Until June 14th or until the law is announced, everything remains as usual. Acquisition and sale only become punishable after the announcement.

However, as we did with the bans in previous years, we will stop cash on delivery shipments for the affected products by June 30th. This is for both your and our security. The reason is the long transit times and the delayed conclusion of payment method contracts.

Additionally, due to the high volume of inquiries, there may be delays. We are doing our best to minimize these and appreciate your understanding. Multiple inquiries will slow down your processing in this case, so we ask for your patience.

Furthermore, we will not restock new inventory after June 14th. We will continue to deliver as long as our supplies last or fulfill orders until June 12th. Shipping orders will be discontinued on June 12th, and only cash deliveries will be fulfilled. Therefore, please ensure timely payment. Any orders we cannot fulfill will be refunded in full, of course.

# UPDATE 14.06.2024

This Friday, June 14th, the draft from December 2023 for an amendment to the NpSG was approved by a majority in the Bundesrat.

Surprisingly, there was a speech and explanation regarding this agenda item. It mainly addressed the regulation of nitrous oxide products. You can view the ordinance itself and the recommendations for the substance groups here.

Now begins the waiting phase until the actual law is published and thereby becomes legally binding. Until then, the legal situation remains unchanged, and the acquisition is not yet punishable. In recent years, the law was published 1-3 weeks after the Bundesrat session. However, the law can theoretically come into effect any day. We will, of course, report immediately on our blog and in our newsletter as soon as we know the date. If you want to check for yourself, you can find the publications on the following official site: Bundesgesetzblatt.

Naturally, we will still be available for questions and problems even after the ban comes into effect. Since there have been some statements regarding this: No, shops like ours will not be banned. Only some of the products we offer will no longer be permitted in Germany. They will remain legal in other countries. However, sales in Germany will no longer be allowed. Our remaining products, which are not covered by the current draft, will of course remain available. We are still here for you!

# UPDATE 26.06.2024

As of today, June 26, 2024, the new version of the NpSG (New Psychoactive Substances Act) has been published. The law will come into effect on June 27, 2024, and 1D-LSD, 1T-LSD, HHC, and TCHP, as well as all their derivatives, are officially no longer permitted in Germany.

Further updates will follow...

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