1D LSD Verbot in 2023 ? Ist 1D LSD legal und wie lange bleibt es legal?acido.shop

1D-LSD ban in 2023 – Will it remain legal?

Will 1D LSD be banned soon?

Many are wondering after the quick ban of 1V-LSD, the successor to 1cp-LSD, how long 1D-LSD will stay with us, especially after the rapid ban of 1V LSD, the successor of 1cp LSD. 1V LSD disappeared from the shops the quickest among all legal derivatives, banned in less than 13 months. Back then, 1P LSD remained unregulated for 4 years without any negative incidents.

Typically, the expert committee meets at the beginning of the year. Publications regarding the recommendation and regulation of substances that do not conform to general comfort are usually released in February or March. When reading these publications, one becomes quite puzzled. It’s not uncommon to find archaic, almost religious arguments from the late 1950s in these papers.

However, this year, despite the loud press and uproar regarding the cosmetic glitch in the recent amendment of the New Psychoactive Substances Act, these recommendations were absent. By the way, the glitch was fixed in mid-March.

From an insider source, we have at least heard that the regulation of 1D LSD is unlikely to take place before the end of the summer. These are, as always, tentative assessments based on the aforementioned circumstances and the experiences of previous years.

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As in recent years, it remains completely uncertain whether there will be a successor. However, this year, the outlook for 1D LSD appears considerably more grim. Given the extensive promotional efforts in TV shows and the press only amplifies the call for authorities to take decisive action and put an end to the entire situation.

While we support the promotion of discussion and the need for a paradigm shift in this matter, most press interviews tend to focus solely on how someone cleverly outwits the bureaucratic machinery.
Unfortunately, in very few articles, there is discussion about the research, the substance itself, and its potential in various therapeutic szenarios. There continues to be a lack of well-researched information in those articles and thus also a lack of well-founded educational work.

It would be pleasing for all of us to see 1D to not disappear that quick, as the essence of the community is based on “friends of life, of Unity, and a healthy fellowship with the environment.” We can all benefit from this positive dynamic.

We will keep you updated on 1D LSD and its future through this blog and newsletter, just like we have done in previous years.

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