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Shipping & payment conditions

Payment methods

The following payment methods are possible. Over time, we will try to offer more that will make shopping more convenient for you.

  • Cash on delivery
  • Cash on pick-up
  • Wire transfer
  • Cryptos:  Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, ETH, Litecoin, Doge etc…

We ship and sell all of our products directly from Hamburg or Berlin. Please note that payment confirmation via screenshot will not be accepted. The dispatch takes place upon receipt of the payment. If you prefer fast processing of you order, please use our instant payment offers such as PayPal or Bitcoin.

NO PHONE SUPPORT! For organizational reasons only support via email, WhatsApp or Telegram.

Shipping prices
Domestic: Since the beginning of 2022, shipping is free for our customers in Germany (excluded are Deco and CBD products) International: The prices is 4.99€ for an international shipping. It is tracked but without insurance. There is NO RESHIP.
How do we package our orders?

All orders are packaged discreetly as flat envelopes. There is never any indication of the contents of the shipment on the outside of the packaging. If you like to order a bigger amount of products, please get in contact first.

Delivery methods

Cash payment for self-collectors is possible. Since we are primarily an online business, we do not offer a retail store. Therefore, please arrange a time when we can deliver your order. A delivery to the door outside the center of Hamburg is also possible. In this case, a flat rate for travel costs will be charged.

Usually we will send it with DHL or Deutsche Post. We reserve the right to choose another transport company, should it be advantageous for us and you. All deliveries within Germany are packed in neutral shipping bags. Deliveries abroad are sent neutrally in standard envelopes. The delivery usually takes 1-4 days depending on the order volume. In Europe 3-9 days and internationally 5-60 days. There may be disruptions or delivery bottlenecks. Please bear with us. We will keep you up to date in channels and not leave you out in the rain like some providers.

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to DHL pack stations. Furthermore, we do not ship to the US, UK, Thailand, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and all countries whose legal status is clearly or vague formulated with regard to our analoge offers.


You have questions? We will answer them! If your question is not listed here, please contact us.

The LSD analogs offered are not included in the current legislation. The purchase and possession is legal for research purposes and is not subject to penalty in Germany or nearly every country in the world that hasn’t a blanket ban on psychoactive substances. More

Since there are no long-term studies on LSD analogues, nothing can be said with certainty. However, other analogues and the original LSD-25 suggest certain conclusions. A storage can exist for several decades, provided that the housing has suitable conditions. LSD neuroscientist David E. Nichols confirms this in an interview with MAPS which can be found on Youtube. Dark, far from UV radiation, constantly cool. It is reported that even tabs lost under furniture could still develop their full efficiency after many years. The LSD molecule is not as fragile as many claim.

((1-(1,2-dimethylcyclobutane-1-carbonyl)-lysergic acid diethylamide hemi-L-tartrate)

The 1D Lsd active ingredient in the 150mcg tabs can certainly be portioned in smaller quantities. To do this, dissolve the tabs in distilled water or 40% – 90% alcohol solution. If you have a solution of 150ml with a 150mcg tab, a subdivision can of course be made using simple mathematics, e.g. 15 x 10mcg / ml.

It does not work that easy with the 225mcg Pellets and we advice against trying so.

What is important, however, is the active ingredient is not intended for in-vivo absorption.

This is difficult to explain in a short paragraph. However, it is made partly synthetically from the ergot fungus Claviceps. It is also chemically related to the active ingredient LSA and LSH of the ololiuqui plant. The Ololiuqui plant became known, among other things, through the ritual use of the Mexican natives, including the descendants of the Aztecs and Mayans. The original and illegalized LSD therefore has a natural origin. Read on this in our blog article The legendary discovery of LSD.