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Das Bild zeigt den Schriftzug cannabis und die Berliner Siegessäule und CannabispflanzenNews

Now legal: Cannabis from April 1st – Here’s where you can get it!

  • 03 April 2024
  • Apr 2024
  • by

Now legal, but where is the pot?

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What's happening currently?

Those hoping that Germany would follow the example of the Netherlands and allow cannabis to be sold in stores from April 1st will be disappointed. Similarly, in Canada, weed shops are old news and have been a long-standing reality. Canada has even progressed to the point where the first magic mushroom (psilocybin) shops can be found. In Germany, cookies, oils, and edibles with THC extracts remain prohibited for the time being.

Cannabis shops in model regions?

Originally, the plan was to test sales in state-licensed shops in model regions. Another bill is set to be presented for this purpose. Many cities such as Bremen, Frankfurt, Hannover, and even Munich can envision themselves as model regions. But what happens until then?

Nationally, the only legal source currently remains the numerous association-based Cannabis Social Clubs. Even if one only occasionally indulges and wishes to no longer buy from dealers, it is currently necessary to join a cannabis club. This is because one cannot obtain plant material from other club members, as distribution and sales to both youth and adults remain prohibited. Strange solution? Yes, perhaps. Especially since ensuring that clubs are not pursuing profit and that regulations and distribution quantities are adhered to seems to be an insurmountable task.

How is the legalization and cultivation of cannabis regulated?

According to statements made by the chains Obi, Toom, and Bauhaus to dpa, they will not initially include cuttings or plants in their range. They want to examine the legal and moral aspects more closely. This concerns individual dispensing quantities and whether the cannabis plant can be freely and legally offered in trade as a cultivated plant. A similar undertaking is the San Pedro cacti, which contain the psychoactive substance mescaline, and which, although freely available for sale, have disappeared from the mentioned markets. Only specific cactus breeders keep these plants. It should be noted that possession of San Pedro cacti is illegal as soon as consumption is intended. So please just put them on the windowsill and look at them!

Das Bild zeigt zwei Freunde die Marijuana rauchen mit bunten Hintergrund

How much cannabis can I buy at the club?

The discussion here is about a maximum of 50 grams. Individuals between the ages of 18 and 21 should be allowed to receive up to 30 grams, with the THC content limited to 10%. Once again, this would need to be verified to confirm if it is indeed being considered. The purchase of goods is paid for from the club’s contributions.
From the perspective of the German Medical Association, 50 grams is too much. It’s “a significant quantity that corresponds to high-risk consumption and leads to cannabis-related disorders.”

Which changes are still pending for cannabis and legalization?

Many discussions and regulations are still needed to enable the sale and cultivation of cannabis in the EU. The European elections could play an important role in this regard. The sale, cultivation, and cross-border trade of cannabis are prohibited in the EU. Since European elections are taking place this year, the election results could influence cannabis legislation in the EU member states.

As it stands, “Now we have to patiently wait to see how the first part of legalization unfolds and how we can implement the second pillar in a timely manner. Our goal is to make cannabis products freely available for sale and to make the purchase as normal as buying alcohol or cigarettes.”

Alternative to the Cannabis Clubs

“Those who are not interested in registering and appearing on lists, whose data protection seems unclear to authorities and employers, can embark on the adventure of growing their own cannabis. (The experience offers valuable insights into nature and is a special opportunity to explore growth. Moreover, the resulting yield may be significantly cheaper than a membership fee, provided that the initial equipment purchases are excluded.)
To acquire seeds, there is no need to register with Cannabis Social Clubs, and purchasing from the Netherlands is also possible from April 1st. The regulations of the Social Clubs and thus the sale of seeds are set to come into effect on July 1st. Therefore, the purchase of seeds locally is not possible until further notice. Additionally, concerns about purchasing the aforementioned equipment should now be alleviated. Although the equipment, lights, and ventilation solutions have been freely available for sale, over the years, it has been shown that both dealers and customers of these offerings had unexpected visits from the LKA (State Criminal Police Office). This should have come to an end with the partial legalization.”

Buying weed from a dealer?

This remains not a good idea. The sale remains illegal under partial legalization. Even club members who pass cannabis on to relatives or family members technically commit a criminal offense.
In some cases, penalties are even being intensified. For example, selling cannabis to minors is now punished with a minimum of two years in prison, instead of the previous one year.

Where can I smoke weed?

Smoking is prohibited near schools, daycare centers, and youth facilities in general. Smoking is allowed on the balcony or in the garden, which is considered a private area. However, smoking is prohibited on one’s own property as soon as children are present in the garden.

Das Bild zeigt einen Mann der Marijuana raucht und sich wegen des Autofahrens Gedanken macht

What else is prohibited under partial legalization?

Well, for one, there also appear to be some strange regulations found in this new law. For example, it is prohibited to pass a joint. So, smoking in a group in public spaces, which is considered almost ceremonial by many, is only permitted if everyone holds their own “joint.” Because this could be interpreted as trading cannabis. So, giving a joint to a friend is a punishable no-go.Diese spezielle Regelung scheint sehr sonderbar und man könnte meinen, es wurde schon gelassen gekifft, als diese Regelung ihren weg zu Papier fand. Nach unserem Kenntnisstand existiert keine vergleichbare Regelung für Tabak oder Alkohol. Denn bislang war das Teilen seiner Zigarette oder seines Biers kein Grund seinen Anwalt auf Kurzwahl zu halten.

Cannabis consumption and driving in Germany?

Well, this remains a controversial topic. It’s stated that an expert commission was commissioned by Federal Minister of Transport Volker Wissing to address these issues. The ministry announced that a threshold value should be determined on a scientific basis.

The expert commission, consisting of experts from the fields of medicine, law, and the police, proposes a threshold of 3.5 nanograms of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) per milliliter of blood serum. It’s stated that this value is comparable to 0.2 per mille of alcohol.

Currently, the THC threshold value is 1.0 nanogram of THC in the blood. This value has long been contentious because THC levels remain detectable in the blood for a relatively long time, even after the intoxicating effects have subsided. This value will also remain valid even after April 1st. So, currently, nothing has changed for drivers.


The information provided is for general informational purposes only. This post relies on various sources to provide accurate and reliable information. None of the information contained herein is intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis, and this information should not be construed as medical advice or recommended treatment. We make no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the content. Any liability for damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of this information is excluded. Changes and additions can be made at any time without notice. Please read our disclaimer for further information.

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