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Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), a semi-synthetic cannabinoid derived from industrial hemp with low THC content, is gaining popularity in the cannabis community due to its stability; however, it is soon to face imminent regulation.




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Ricardo León

I ordered at three different sites, one stopped replying to my customer request but at least arrived (tho 2 weeks later), second one took a week but the order from Acido shop arrived a day or two later! Very good quality as well


I am German. I will try to explain. 20 Years ago i had my last time with these extraordanary subtance. I prefer LSD as a key to my mind and all around. Now, even twenty years later, i taste this 1v. I was surprised about the potential. Very very good. I think it may be a great Lösung für all die schiefstehenden Verhältnisse in der Welt.


I received my package within two weeks (mainly because my country is outside the EU) and everything looks great. Customer service is top notch. They will really answer any questions you have. I can’t wait to begin sweet sweet research.

Order HHC Vapes at

Looking to order HHC Vapes and searching for the optimal place? Look no further than ACIDO! We not only guarantee swift delivery but also offer diverse payment methods, ensuring you can have your HHC Vape Pen quickly and conveniently in your hands. Our extensive range of quality products ensures that you find the ideal HHC Vapes for your needs. Don’t hesitate, order now at ACIDO to receive your HHC Vape Pen promptly!

Say High HHC in Our Store

Experience premium cannabinoids without THC, Made in Germany, with our HHC Vapes. In our selection, you’ll find a wide range of immediately available and lab-tested products, providing you with a unique taste and high experience. Dive into the dimensions of HHC Vapes and enjoy the distinctive flavor and HHC high!

What’s Behind HHC Vapes?

Learn more about the trendy cannabinoid! HHC Vapes are vapes containing a natural hemp extract rich in the trendy cannabinoid HHC. This cannabinoid is believed to produce a pleasant effect and provide you with a unique sensation.

What Variants of HHC Vapes Are Available?

We offer HHC cartridge systems with rechargeable batteries as an environmentally friendly alternative to HHC disposables, which generate unnecessary harmful battery waste for the environment. Our cartridges allow for easy replacement and recharging of the battery. So, you can enjoy HHC Vapes without guilt and contribute a bit to environmental conservation.

Ordering HHC Nearby?

Order from our shop! Avoid the hustle of crowded German city centers and conveniently shop with us at the ACIDO Shop! Explore our wide and well selected product range. We guarantee top-notch products, fast delivery, and competitive prices. Order now ACIDO flowers, vapes & more on and savor the outstanding flavor of our products!

Where Can You Find the Best HHC Vapes?

Trust ACIDO and other reputable online providers because not all HHC is the same. We guarantee only high-quality, clean European HHC that is lab-tested. Our products have already satisfied tens of thousands of customers.

How Can I Pay for HHC Vapes?

You can conveniently pay by bank transfer or simply with a credit card. Note that for some CBD or HHC products, Paypal is not available. However, you can complete your order with Paypal Xoom for prepayment. Find out how in the blog. Please be aware, that we do not ship HHC products outside of Germany.

Advantages of HHC Vapes

Enjoy immediate effects! HHC Vapes offer numerous advantages compared to other forms of cannabinoid consumption. Inhalation allows for rapid absorption of HHC, providing almost immediate effects. This is especially useful for quick relief on the go. Our vapes are portable and discreet, making them a convenient option.

Taste of HHC Vapes

Choose from diverse notes! Our HHC Vapes offer a pleasant taste experience thanks to specially developed terpene blends. Whether fruity, earthy, or sweet – we have the perfect blend for you!

Explore Our Vape Pens with Cartridge System

Our vaporizers are space-saving, handy, and feature built-in heating elements and chambers for the highest user-friendliness. The cartridges are easily replaceable and environmentally friendly as the battery is recycled.

When Will HHC Be Banned?

That is hard to say and a complicated undertaking for the government and those who see regulation as necessary. Because HHC is a component of the plant itself, and with the upcoming legalization, a tricky situation has arisen. In December 2023, the Committee on Narcotic Drugs discussed this exact topic. Many expect regulation by the end of summer 2024. Stay up to date with our newsletter. We will notify you day by day of any changes on the topic.

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