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Kanna Extract 40x (Sceletium Tortuosum) 1g

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Kanna Extract 40x (Sceletium Tortuosum) 1g


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Kanna 40x Extract 1Gram

✅ 100% natural and 100% vegan
✅ 0.25 grams per aromatherapy use
✅ Net quantity: 5 grams
✅ Exclusively for aromatherapy

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Kanna by Mystic Herbs, a fascinating succulent plant from South Africa, is said to have a range of amazing applications. It is attributed with mood-enhancing effects that are believed to help alleviate stress and anxiety. But that’s not all! It is also said to improve social interaction and create a relaxing atmosphere. Traditionally, it has been used for many generations for ritual and spiritual purposes. Mesembrine, an alkaloid found in Sceletium tortuosum, has similar effects to many antidepressants and likely explains the feelings of happiness described by indigenous peoples in South Africa according to traditions. Perfect for aromatherapy!

What is the history of Kanna?
Kanna, also known as Sceletium tortuosum, has a rich history closely linked with the indigenous peoples of South Africa. This succulent plant is native to the dry regions of the South African Karoo.

The use of Kanna dates back centuries and was an integral part of the cultures of the San and other indigenous communities. Traditionally, Kanna was used by the San for ritual and spiritual purposes to experience visions and connect with spirits. During the colonization of South Africa, the use of Kanna increasingly fell into the background but continued to be utilized by local communities.

In recent times, Kanna has gained international attention, particularly for its potential health benefits and mood-enhancing properties. Despite its long history, there is still much to explore about the chemical composition and cultural significance of Kanna. However, the plant remains a fascinating symbol of traditional medicinal plant use and is appreciated by people worldwide.

Sceletium Tortuosum Extract

For use by individuals aged 18 and over. Keep out of reach of children. Although Kanna is used in African traditional medicine for pain relief and ritual purposes, we strongly advise against consumption or similar use. We cannot provide medical advice. In combination with MAOIs, SNRIs, 5-HTP, and SSRIs (Citalopram-Sertraline), dangerous side effects can occur! Please consult your physician before use! We sell our Kanna exclusively for aromatherapy.



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Kanna Extract 40x (Sceletium Tortuosum) 1g Kanna Extract 40x (Sceletium Tortuosum) 1g
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