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Premium Kratom x Kanna Liquid 15%

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Premium Kratom x Kanna Liquid 15%


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Kratom x Kanna Liquid 10ml

  • Essential oil from the Kratom Kanna plant
  • Excellent quality
  • Natural product from organic cultivation
  • Exclusively for aromatherapy
  • Essential oil (Alc. less than 14.9% Vol.)
  • Resealable bottle


Sale from 18 years! Sale of Kratom x Kanna exclusively for aromatherapy! Not for ingestion! It is not a food. Not suitable for consumption!

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The new Kratom x Kanna Liquid with 15%, offering the best quality for aromatherapy

What is Kratom x Kanna Liquid?
Our innovative Kratom Kanna Liquid combines the unique properties of Kratom and Kanna in a liquid form. The botanical name for Kanna is “Sceletium Tortuosum”. This plant, native to South Africa, belongs to the family of Mesembryanthemaceae (Ruschioideae). Kanna is also known as Kougoed, Midday Flower, Channa, Kauwgoed, or Kauwgood. It is found only in a specific region of South Africa, reaching a maximum height of 30cm, with a thick stem, roots, and fleshy leaves. This special blend is ideal for aromatherapy, providing a pleasant and intense experience.

How is Kratom Kanna Liquid made?
Our liquid undergoes a gentle extraction process, extracting the active components of Kratom leaves and Kanna. It comes from as fresh a harvest as possible, with extraction occurring promptly. Unlike other extracts that may store for years, we pay special attention to sealing our products in an aroma-, air-, and light-protected manner, ensuring the original quality arrives as unaltered and fresh as possible.

What advantages does the Liquid offer compared to other forms?
Kratom Kanna Liquid is not only suitable for coloring but also offers the possibility of aromatherapy. Its liquid form makes it easy to dose and particularly convenient to use.

Is Kratom Kanna Liquid legal?
The legal status of Kratom x Kanna can vary by region. It is important to be aware of the current legal regulations in your place of residence before purchasing or using the product. Our liquid is exclusively intended for aromatherapy.

Where can you buy Kratom Kanna Liquid?
Our high-quality Kratom Kanna Liquid is available not only in selected stores and online shops but also exclusively in our own shop in first-class quality. Our Kanna Liquid comes from a fresh harvest and is extracted promptly. Unlike other products, we ensure that our bottles are sealed in an aroma-, air-, and light-protected manner. This ensures that the original quality arrives fresh to you. We guarantee 100% purity, 100% natural, and 100% without additives. Opt for brand quality!

How is the shipping of Kratom Kanna Liquid done?
Shipping is discreet and reliable from our warehouse. Please note that delivery times may vary depending on the location.

Are there discounts or promotions for Kratom Kanna Liquid?
Find information on our website about current discounts and special promotions. We regularly offer special deals for our customers.

Essential oil (Alc. less than 14.9% Vol.)


Sales condition
Sale from 18 years! Sale as a natural dye! No tea! Not for ingestion or consumption! It is not a food. Our Kratom is sold exclusively for use as a natural dye, for demonstration purposes, or for scientific purposes and is therefore not intended for consumption and can only be legally ordered for these purposes! The colors shown may vary in the original!

Thanks to our packaging, keep it anywhere at room temperature – clean, dry & preferably away from direct sunlight.

Practical resealable bottle.



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Premium Kratom x Kanna Liquid 15% Premium Kratom x Kanna Liquid 15%
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