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🚨🚨🚨 1V-LSD ban in 2022 – An end in June?

  • 17 February 2023
  • May 2024
  • by

1V LSD banned soon?

From our manufacturer, we unfortunately received the sad news, the supposedly liberal new government is already working on a ban of the 1V-LSD analoge. 

The ban is expected to be announced by June of this year. We will provide more information and updates here in our blogUntil an official announcement and draft is released, it remains speculation at this time. So far, nothing has been confirmed or published by the official side.

Our products will continue to be shipped and delivered until such time that a law is announced prohibiting us from selling them.

We are also shocked by the urgency, because from our point of view as well as from the research, the substance groups of entheogens are more to be valued as remedies and there is no addiction potential in contrast to legitimate stimulants on the market. Nevertheless, this only describes our opinion and we must respect the opinion of those behind this urgency. For many, like for us, this news is very surprising, because with 1V-LSD the last legal available analoge in Germany would disappear. And possibly this time more abruptly than its predecessors. The consequences of such bans limit the accessibility, but lead to far from unforeseeable consequences.

It is therefore advisable to stock up in the coming period, because a legal follow-up analoge to 1V-LSD seems unlikely this year. If a follow-up can be developed at all, because already with 1V-LSD the production was challenging as we were told by our manufacturer.

We remain positive and do not look too far into the unknown future. Until then, a lot can change. Progress always makes detours. However, the direction always remains forward.

Sign up for the newsletter or keep checking the blog to stay up to date. The site will continue to be updated as news and changes occur.

# UPDATE 03.05.2022

The committee of experts has met with yesterday’s 56th meeting on the 02.05 and discussed some topics. There were many items on the agenda. However, there was no agenda on our products (ergolene/lysergamides). It remains to be seen whether this is to be seen as positive. The meeting of the Federal Council was quite late with the 25.06 for the predecessor 1cp-LSD. Therefore, it remains vague the coming weeks. 

You can view the committee’s agenda items here.

# UPDATE 10.05.2022

We have just received an update from our manufacturer which coincides with our suspicions. Either our 1V product was dealt with in the 56th meeting of the expert committee under the unsuitable topic of the day “Tyramines” or it was not dealt at all. Since 1V-LSD is currently one of the best-known derivatives in Germany, the latter is unlikely to be the case. A result of the meeting has not yet been published. However, this is needed to start working on an alternative to 1V-LSD.

There are two more possible Federal Council meetings before the summer break where a ban can be enforced. With the 10.06 and the 08.07 the 1V-LSD research could already be put to an end. Therefore, it can be assumed that 1V-LSD may remain legally on the market for at least another month. Quote from our manufacturer:

“So, in short, if we get lucky, the ban may not come into place until October, and, if we’re unlucky, we may see the end of 1V-LSD around mid-June or July.”

If the ban is not discussed in those two meetings, the next possible date would be 16.09 and thus 1V-LSD would remain with us until the end of September / beginning of October. A German proverb which says, “Hope is the last to die”. However, our manufacturer remains down-to-earth and warns not to let the hope become too great:

“We had been hoping we could work on a 1V-LSD alternative by now but since we still don’t have the draft legislation to work with, that hasn’t been possible. We expect the ban will cover any obvious derivatives so we are not so confident that we will beat the prohibitionists this time!“

# UPDATE 24.05.2022

Today on the 24.05 the agenda topics for the Federal Council meeting 1022, which is scheduled for the 10.06.2022 were published. An agenda topic that includes our products and a draft of the New Psychoactive Substances Act (NpSG) is not published. Thus, the next date would be 08.07 to be observed closely.

The agenda topics will be already available online for viewing around 17 days before the 08.07.2022. This is a wild guess, as more agenda topics may be added for the 1022 meeting. In short, this supposedly means that 1V-LSD can legally remain on the market at least until 08.07.

# UPDATE 15.06.2022

The German government’s proposed amendments to the NPSG were submitted to the European Commission at the beginning of the month. Due to the adjusted molecular mass, the draft now unfortunately also includes the 1V-LSD analog. The draft can be seen here. It now remains questionable whether the amendment will be accepted by the European Commission quick enough so it can be included in the next council meeting on July 8.

The short version, 1V-LSD could be banned as early as mid-June. In the best case, it will remain with us until September.

On the basis of this draft, it is not possible at present to answer the question about a possible successor. This can only really be assessed with certainty after the final promulgation of the law. As with 1cP, we will deliver as usual until the Federal Council meeting. All orders that can no longer be fulfilled due to the promulgation of the law or the sale of the stock will be refunded.

We have now stopped shipping to some countries whose returns are several weeks on the way back if not delivered. Bear with us. This is for all of our safety and compliance. Litigation with nay-sayers and a dissonant legal system only robs everyones precious life time.

INFO! – Laws cannot be enforced retroactively in Germany. An order and the receiving of the order before the NpSG is revised is within the legal framework. For our foreign customers. We are not allowed to sell/ship 1V products anymore once the German NpSG is revised even if 1V-LSD is still legal in your country.

# UPDATE 21.06.2022

As already announced in the update on 15.06.2022 the agenda for the next council meeting on July 8 was published today. An agenda item that includes our products and a draft of the New Psychoactive Substances Act (NpSG) is not available.

However, this does not mean that agenda topics will not be added / removed in the course of the next weeks. However, this does not usually happen. If this agenda for July 8 remains unchanged, we must be looked forward to the next possible date on September 16. We will keep you up to date on a daily basis!

# UPDATE 10.07.2022

Last Friday, July 8th, the last federal council meeting before the summer break took place. On June 21 the agenda items for this meeting day were published for the first time. An item on the agenda for a new version of the German NPSG, which covers the draft of the expert committee of the meeting 56 and thus also 1V-LSD, was left out. Agenda items, however, can be filed in the course of the weeks and therefore we followed the agenda items on a daily basis.
A topic which deals with a new version of the German NPSG was not dealt with on July 8th. Consequently we look now on the next federal council meeting in September. The legal situation around 1V-LSD therefore remains unchanged.

# UPDATE 30.08.2022

Today, the agenda items of the upcoming federal council meeting 1024. on September 16 were published. After a new NpSG draft was not dealt with on June 21, today’s inclusion is not surprising to anyone. The agenda item 55, which covers the draft of the expert committee of the session 56 and thus also 1V-LSD, can be viewed here.

As in previous years, it can be assumed that the people of the decision-making machine will not deliberate but approve without any comment. Remarkable is the referring wording “harmful LSD” (here in the legal context to be objected because 1V-LSD is technically not LSD nevertheless in this public document as such named) while universities and research institutes are overflowing with studies and publications that prove exactly the opposite. Especially in the psychological therapeutic context. Now this knowledge has been available for over 50 years and yet the plateau of discrimination and criminalization against the entheogenic group persists. Therefore, the targeted wording in the draft is not surprising. The full committee draft can be read here.

Now, as we did last year, we will follow the ban and cease the sale of 1V products once the ban is announced. A ban can become legal any day after approval on September 16. An exact date of publication will not be announced and therefore one is forced to check the Federal Gazette daily. As usual we will keep you up to date.

Once again the era of freedom, development and self-knowledge comes to an end. One thing is clear in any case. Once again, in order to protect life and body, the authority of responsibility is left in the hands of the black market. Cheers!

# UPDATE 16.09.2022

Today, agenda item 55, which covers a new draft of the New Psychoactive Substances Act and thus also includes the 1V research chemical, was discussed. It was passed without any comment. Those who are interested in how the process in the power house looks like, can watch the saved stream of the Bundesrat here.

This means that 1V-LSD is included in the German NpSG law after just over a year on Sept. 16, 2022. Next step is the promulgation in the Federal Gazette. The law can become legally effective any time after publication as of today. When exactly this happens is always unclear. In the past, the law was published in a time frame of 7-14 days.

# UPDATE 07.10.2022

With Oct 6 the short, emotional and healing era of 1V-LSD has come to an end. The law on the new version of the NpSG has been published on Oct 6 in the Federal Gazette and thus 1V-LSD, at least in Germany, officially from 07.10.2022 under ban.

We are well aware of the disappointment of a few whose orders for 1V-LSD we could no longer fulfill. Be aware, we did our best in this strange stressful time of the ban in your and our risk tolerance to make the fulfillment possible. For the orders that we could not fulfill before 16.09 and we unfortunately had to cancel, we have deposited or already sent you a discount code. If you have not received it, please contact us (

But there is also positive news! We have just received the certainty and surprise from our production site, the magic reptiles, about a 1V-LSD successor.

The native successor is called: 1D-LSD.

It will be available at the end of October. This info is as fresh as cod in the fish market. Like all other suppliers we received this info only today at midnight (Please don’t fall for the stores that tell you they produce the derivatives themselves!) Read more in its own 1D-LSD blog post (update to follow).

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