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Yerba Mate Tea 100g No.1 ‘Finest Cut’

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Yerba Mate Tea 100g No.1 ‘Finest Cut’


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Yerba Mate Tea No.1 ‘Finest Cut’

  • Finest liquid from the Kratom plant
  • Best quality from Argentina
  • Natural product from organic cultivation
  • Essential oil for aromatherapy
  • Essential oil (Alcohol content less than 14.9% vol.)
  • Handy little bottle


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The new Yerba Mate Tea – Intense Stimulation in Every Cup!

What is Yerba Mate Tea?
Our fresh Yerba Mate Tea comes from 100% mate shrubs (Ilex paraguariensis) thriving in the sun-kissed regions of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay. The meticulous production process ensures not only the main alkaloid but also extracts other significant compounds for the highest quality. Each cup promises a powerful stimulation.

Key Characteristics of Yerba Mate Tea:
Our Yerba Mate Tea comes in loose form, ready for brewing. Add 1-2 teaspoons of mate to a cup (200 ml) and pour hot water between 70-80 °C. Allow the infusion to steep for a maximum of 3-5 minutes and then strain. Prolonged steeping intensifies the invigorating aroma.

How is Yerba Mate Tea Produced?
Our Yerba Mate Tea is sustainably cultivated from seeds. After six months in a separate area, the seedlings are planted in the forest to preserve the vitality of the Atlantic Rainforest. Regular inspections by workers in the forest ensure plant well-being. Thanks to organic farming, the soil is rich in nutrients, maintaining the natural balance without the need for pesticides or fertilizers. This sustainable practice enables a harmonious coexistence of humans and nature in producing high-quality Yerba Mate Teas.

How to Use Yerba Mate Tea?
This mate variety stands out for its straightforward preparation. For a full flavor spectrum, we recommend steeping the mate leaves at about 70°C for at least 3-4 minutes. Overall, preparing this variety is quite simple. Depending on the quantity used, No.1 can be steeped multiple times. This mate can be enjoyed both hot and cold. For a cold water infusion, extend the steeping time to a minimum of 7-8 minutes for an intense taste.

Effects of Yerba Mate Tea:
Yerba Mate Tea is pure, natural energy. The infusion contains caffeine, enhancing energy and concentration without the typical side effects of coffee, such as nervousness or stomach irritation. Additionally, Yerba Mate Tea contains theobromine and theophylline, compounds that can stimulate metabolism and promote muscle relaxation. This unique blend of stimulating substances gives the drink its invigorating effect, making it a popular alternative to coffee or energy drinks.

Advantages of Yerba Mate Tea Compared to Other Forms:
It offers a new Mate flavor profile not widely known in Europe. Unlike traditional Argentine varieties, No.1 is harvested, air-dried, and undergoes a special maturation process lasting only a few weeks. This sets it apart from the usual method in Argentina, where mate is dried over fire and has a longer maturation period.

Where to Buy Yerba Mate Tea?
Our high-quality Yerba Mate Tea is available not only in selected stores and online shops but also exclusively in our own shop. Rely on our sources to ensure the product meets the highest standards.

Shipping of Yerba Mate Tea:
Shipping is discreet and reliable from our warehouse. Please note that delivery times may vary depending on the location.

Discounts or Promotions for Yerba Mate Tea?
Check our website for current discounts and special promotions. We regularly offer exclusive deals for our customers.

Consists of 100% finest mate leaves in a coarse cut.


Thanks to our packaging, store anywhere at room temperature – keep clean, dry & preferably away from direct sunlight.

Convenient resealable stand-up pouch.



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Yerba Mate Tea 100g No.1 ‘Finest Cut’ Yerba Mate Tea 100g No.1 ‘Finest Cut’
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