120x 1V LSD 10 mcg Microdosing Pellets

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1V-LSD is a Research Chemical which occurs naturally in ergot alkaloids, as well as an analogue of LSD and a homologue of 1cP-LSD, 1P-LSD and ALD-52.

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Order the legal LSD derivative 1V-LSD with 150 mcg / µg as blotter – tabs.

1V-LSD is a research chemical and a derivative of lysergic acid, which occurs naturally in ergot alkaloids, as well as an analogue of LSD and a homologue of 1cP-LSD, 1P-LSD and ALD-52. In addition, it is chemically related to the active ingredient LSA and LSH of bindweed Ololiuqui. The chemical name is “1-valeroyl-lysergic acid diethylamide hemi-L-tartrate, or simply VALERIE“.

Studies show that 1V-LSD acts as a so-called prodrug of LSD. This means that 1V-LSD converts to conventional LSD in the human body. It is reported that 1V-LSD produces almost identical pharmacological effects as its predecessors.

In Germany, 1V-LSD is classified as a research chemical. The 1cp-LSD offered here is intended as a research chemical for research purposes only. 1V-LSD is not intended for human or veterinary use. In vivo research is therefore expressly prohibited.

Because the substitution takes place with a valeroyl roup, 1V-LSD is therefore currently legal in Germany. The Narcotics Act (BtMG), the New Psychoactive Substances Act (NpSG) and the Medicines Act (AMG) do not prohibit 1cP-LSD. Everything that is not explicitly prohibited is legal in Germany. As a result, 1V-LSD can therefore be legally bought and sold in Germany.

1V-LSD may be researched in Germany without the approval of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArm).

In Europe, 1v-LSD is currently banned in the following countries and we do not supply it there: USA – UK. Since the legal situation is constantly changing, we advice to inform yourself carefully about the legal status in your country.

Please inform yourself and educate yourself responsibly before doing research with an unknown chemical! Improper handling can be dangerous and we at Acido.shop want you to stay healthy!

You can find helpful and well-founded resources all about 1V-LSD at Erowid.org or the Psychonaut Wiki. You can find further possible questions and answers about 1V-LSD on our FAQs. If you have any further questions, please contact us using our contact form or social channels.

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120x 1V LSD 10 mcg Microdosing Pellets


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